Heating/Furnace Repair Service

Heating your home in the winter doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our service technicians are professionally qualified and have the experience, skills and tools to fix your heating problems right the first time.Our service technicians are specifically trained to quickly diagnose the problem and offer the correct solution to get your furnace working properly.

RH Air Conditioning, Inc. is fully licensed and insured in heating repair, sales, installation, and maintenance for all brands of heating equipment. When you schedule an appointment with RH Air Conditioning, Inc., you will be getting the highest caliber of quality service the Central Valley has to offer.

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Consider a Heating/Furnace Preventative Maintenance Which Includes:
-Clean Burners.
-Inspect & Make Necessary Adjustments to the Burner Tubes.
-Vacuum Clean Each Heat Exchanger Cell.
-Inspect Heat Exchanger Cell for Cracks.
-Check Airflow Passage Within the Furnace for Carbon Monoxide Infiltration.
-Check the High Limit Safety Control for Proper Operation.
-Check the Manifold Gas Pressure.
-Inspect Unit and Pipe for Gas Leaks.
-Check Combustion Air Blower.
-Check Ignition System.
-Clean & Replace Air Filters.
-Inspect Air Ducts for Leakage or Damage.
-Check the System’s Starting Capabilities.
-Inspect All Electrical Connections.
-Measure & Confirm Proper Voltage & Amperage Reading on All Motors.
-Inspect & Adjust the Blower Components (Blower Wheel, Motor, and Housing).
-Lubricate Moving Parts.
-Inspect & Test Safety Controls.
-Clean & Calibrate Thermostats & Check Batteries.
-Check that the Temperature Drop is Within Tolerances.