Ice Makers

Ice Maker Repair Service

Our skilled technicians carry a thorough inventory of parts which allows for speedy repairs at competitive rates. We are factory authorized to provide warranty work for all major ice machine brands.

An ice machine is only as reliable as the technician that installs it. All installs and repairs are guaranteed to be done to the manufacturer’s specifications. We only use the top quality equipment and parts in order to avoid any unnecessary service and costly down time.

Ice Maker Sales
We feature a vast variety of product lines featuring cutting-edge ice making equipment produced by industry leading manufacturers. Our inventory includes machines capable of producing 50-2000 lbs. of ice. Here is a list of the types of ice machines that we carry:
-Under-counter units.

Manitowoc, the leader in cubed ice makers, proudly presents their newest line of flaked ice machines.  With production amounts from 200 to 1200 pounds, Manitowoc has a unit that can fulfill all of your needs. We have several under counter and modular units to choose from. Future models will feature 2300 pounds of production with remote, air-cooled configurations. Orders are being accepted right now and inventory is on hand to meet your needs. Call or email for pricing.

“Yes, we can finance that for you.”
Manitowoc financing is available on all Manitowoc products. Current rates are as low as 4.99% for a 24 month lease. Contact RH Air Conditioning, Inc. for more information.

*We have all other brands and models available.

RH Air Conditioning, Inc. is full licensed and insured in heating repair, sales, installation, and maintenance for all brands of heating equipment. When you schedule an appointment with RH Air Conditioning, Inc., you will be getting the highest caliber of quality service the Central Valley has to offer.

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Ice Machine Maintenance Tips:
Many times, maintenance of a commercial ice machine in a restaurant or other business is overlooked.  There are some procedures that can keep your ice machine functioning for much longer than when left alone.

1) Replace Water Filters Every Six Months.

Water filters are important to extending the life of your machine and should be replaced every six months. The water filter performs the following three tasks:
-Removes sediment from the water, keeping ice clean and clear in appearance.
-Inhibits scale, which can build up in the machine over time and drastically reduce ice production.
-Removes odor and bad taste, keeping customers happy.

Although the filter may not appear to be blocked with sediment after six months, the scale inhibitor and carbon elements (which prevent odor and bad taste) are usually depleted and no longer effective.

2) Stay on Top of Brown Slime
Sometimes ice machines can develop a brown slime which develops from all types of yeast, such as: airborne yeast, beer, brewing yeast, and baking yeast. Simply scrubbing away the slim won’t solve the problem. Commercial sanitizers kill yeast. Your ice machine should be thoroughly sanitized every three months.

By taking the time every three months to have your ice machine professionally cleaned, your filters changed, you can greatly increase the life of your machine and drastically decrease the cost of owning an ice machine over time.

RH Air Conditioning, Inc. offers a preventative maintenance program for all brands of ice makers. All manufactures of ice makers recommend regular scheduled cleaning and service to keep the equipment running at peak efficiency, save energy, and to give the ice maker a longer life, as well as, to reduce emergency repairs. All of our technicians are factory trained and are well qualified in ice maker repairs.

Consider an Ice Machine Preventative Maintenance Which Includes:
-Sanitize Water System.
-Dissemble Removable parts for Cleaning & Sanitation.
-Wash Air Filters.
-Check for Proper Water Flow to Water Filter & to Ice Machine.
-Inspect and Change External Water Filter Cartridges.
-Sanitize Ice Bin.
-Adjust Ice Thickness Probe as Needed.
-Inspect Compressor Operation.
-Measure Proper Voltage & Amperage Readings on Compressor.
-Inspect Contactor Function.
-Inspect the Suction & Liquid Refrigerant Lines.
-Check Refrigerant Levels.
-Clean Evaporator.
-Inspect, Adjust, & Clean Fan Blades.
-Adjust Defrost Timers as Needed.
-Lubricate Moving Parts.
-Inspect all Electrical Connections.
-Check and Clear Drain of Debris.