Reasons to Tune-Up Your Heating System:
-Your equipment will last longer because it does not have to work as hard.TR_XC95m_Gas Furnace - Large
-You will save money on your utility bills because it will run more efficiently.
-You will prevent untimely breakdowns (usually at the worst times!)
-You will prevent potential hazards from electrical fire or refrigerant leaks.
-Your system will run more quietly and effectively.
-Your air will be cleaner and healthier.
-Your home will be more comfortable.
-Your service call will be FREE if your system breaks down this season, after having our Tune-Up.

An Air Conditioning system tune-up will protect not only your equipment, but your home and family as well. Your system will run better, last longer and break down less often. Ask about our season tune-up special!

Our Tune-up Includes:
-Clean Burners.
-Inspect & Make Necessary Adjustments to the Burner Tubes.
-Vacuum Clean Each Heat Exchanger Cell.
-Inspect Heat Exchanger Cell for Cracks.
-Check Airflow Passage Within the Furnace for Carbon Monoxide Infiltration.
-Check the High Limit Safety Control for Proper Operation.
-Check the Manifold Gas Pressure.
-Inspect Unit and Pipe for Gas Leaks.
-Check Combustion Air Blower.
-Check Ignition System.
-Clean & Replace Air Filters.
-Inspect Air Ducts for Leakage or Damage.
-Check the System’s Starting Capabilities.
-Inspect All Electrical Connections.
-Measure & Confirm Proper Voltage & Amperage Reading on All Motors.
-Inspect & Adjust the Blower Components (Blower Wheel, Motor, and Housing).
-Lubricate Moving Parts.
-Inspect & Test Safety Controls.
-Clean & Calibrate Thermostats & Check Batteries.
-Check that the Temperature Drop is Within Tolerances.

Most customers see up to 30% to 50% savings after installing high efficiency equipment.

Services That We Offer:
-Air Conditioning Installation, Repair, and Maintenance.
-Heating/Furnace Installation, Repair, and Maintenance.
-Commercial HVAC Installation, Repair, and Maintenance.
-Commercial Refrigeration Installation, Repair, and Maintenance.
-Ice Machine Installation, Repair, and Maintenance.
-Ice Machine Rentals/Leases

Thank You
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